A state of mind.

 « LOFT design by… is not a matter of Fashion but of Lifestyle. »  Patrick Henri Freche.

 Forging a relationship between  Art, literature and fashion, LOFT design by… imagined its style like a state of mind.

The brand humanizes its collection in order for people to recognize themself in them. A long-lasting garment thanks to a savoir-faire worthy of

the XXth  century’s workshop ! LOFT design by is also a constant travel at the heart of different cultures around the world.

Every collection has a « somewhere , » taste, a desire to share that LOFT spreads through its ethical beliefs. 



A "savoir-faire"

 A know-how illustrated by a passion for an excellence of fabrics, shapes and a particular attention to detail.

Thin thread count, torsion and length of fibres give to knitwear sturdiness, an unequalled comfort, and a second skin sensation.

The collections are manufactured thanks to the best fine technique close to handicraft.

A savoir-faire combines with the protection of the planet : the major fibres are natural, organic and recycle. 

LOFT design by…looks for the future through carry on luxury and handicraft.



A philosophy

Through the maxime «  Art is a dirty job but somebody got to do it » available in all sort of shapes, LOFT design by…marks its distinction in the fashion world.

A strong message that translates its close links with  Art. The design of each garment is imagined like an artist’s piece of work.

The colors, the fabrics, the shapes, are painted on each design in order to emphasize authenticity.

LOFT design by…believes that Fashion is a utilitarian art, create for utility, offer everyone tools to create its own uniform. 

Originality stays a distinction of the artistic production, « the genius is about giving rules to art » wrote Kant.

LOFT design by…follows its search of other one by perpetuating its Art to create.



A writing attachment

The writing has an important role within the brand. LOFT design by…expresses its writing interest through poems, dictates and rewriting of definitions.

Patrick H Freche aims to mix poetry and fashion by inventing in 1989 « The night of poets » . , in 2011 and 2013, he invited his readers to a poetic ballad through.

 two collections of poetry published by Flammarion  for the occasion of  the contest « Poemes en LOFT ».

By gathering together poets and celebrated their masterpieces, LOFT design by…shows its concern for new talents.


The stores

The stores of LOFT design by…are designed like living spaces. It’s up to anyone to feel as home, the space has no border in order to attract visitor’s curiosity.

Vintage and new design, a link between past and présent, a sensation that time stopped to invit you in LOFT’s world.

Raw wooden floors, brick veneer walls, bargain-hunted or new furniture’s, and reworked objects represent the store’s decoration season after season.

As of today, there are more than fifteen shops in Paris, Province and London.




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